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    The remanufacturing industry has a great prospect in China

    The remanufacturing industry is becoming a promising new industry in China to meet the needs of the development of circular economy. According to understand, again manufacturing industry in our country development time is short, the also faced a series of factors, national, scientific research institutes to industry and the joint efforts to establish the competitive to manufacture industry.
    Remanufacturing engineering is to waste products to repair and reform of a series of technical measures and the floorboard of engineering activity, is a resource potential is huge, and the economic benefit is remarkable, environmental protection function prominently, sustainable green engineering and new industries. It for damage or scrap parts, in failure analysis, evaluation of the life the life on the basis of analysis, for remanufacturing engineering design, to adopt new surface engineering technology, rapid prototyping technology, advanced manufacturing technology, make again the quality of products reach or exceed manufacture new products. Remanufacturing not only can extend the service life of the product, improve technical performance, can also be for product design, alteration and maintenance to provide information, and finally achieve the life cycle of the products cost the most reasonable, maximum limit the role of play products.
    Used mechanical and electrical products is the main part of the manufacturing sector again. In recent years, world every year at least 26 million car scrap, already abandoned computer more than 600 million sets. The current our country to automobiles, home appliances, computer primarily of mechanical and electrical products and scrap alarming number: 2000 up to scrap the standard 2.1 million vehicles, expected to reach 2010 years ago, with an average annual amount in vehicle will be more than 2 million vehicles; Since 2003 has gradually entered the update appliance peak, refrigerators, washing machines, TV sets with an average annual scrap is more than 15 million Taiwan; Computer with an average annual amount will be expected to out in 5 million or more. Car manufacturing components including diesel again type engine, transmission, clutch, steering gear, start machine, carburetor, brake shoe, water pump, air conditioning compressor, the wiper motor, oil pump, brake cylinder, power control pump action and buffer, etc. In addition, it also includes medical equipment, duplicator, dozens of species.
    According to the Chinese academy of engineering XuBinShi introduced professor, and manufacture industry market prospect is very great, mainly in resource benefits, environmental benefits and social benefit.
    According to information, in view of our country to manufacture industry is still in the initial stage, from the society, law, environment to technology are there are a series of restrictive factors, policies and regulations not perfect; Responsibility system and pay mechanism is not clear; Technology development and theoretical research lag; Enterprise, public awareness is insufficient, participation is not strong.
    Experts think, according to China's national conditions, recycling economy and sustainable development strategy, and manufacturing industry development should pay special attention to the following several aspects: one is to build with Chinese characteristics to manufacture products legal system. Can publish relevant regulations and old cars, electronic electric appliance, farm tractors recycle treatment of individual regulations; Establish "manufacturers responsibility system", set up enterprise and product certification system resources, make corresponding system of rewards and penalties. Two is to establish management science, coordinated operation of the reverse logistics system; In the public finance special funds drive enterprise and private capital investment to promote this field as soon as possible the industrialization development;  Establish and mechanical and electrical products, make, use, recycling, and manufacturing, to use the closed-loop logistics chain, form and collect social, economic, environmental benefits for the integration of new resources industry group. Three is a special research fund support remanufacturing on basic theory and key technology research and development, strengthen the outdated information to manufacture products promotion transformation, the formation of Chinese characteristics remanufacturing engineering system.


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