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    Welcome: Chuzhou kexin Machinery Technology Co., LTD
    Language: Chinese ∷  English

    Service policy

       We will continue to adhere to the "quality first, customer first, the credibility of the first" purpose, in the most favorable price and the high quality products and best service to meet the needs of users. Depends on innovation and excellent quality, the first-class products, first-class benefits, and you create a better brilliant tomorrow! But according to each a valued the actual needs of customers to provide professional and personalized the whole application solutions and help our customers with a low cost to enjoy a high standard of professional services.
        We abide by the industry standard, with the unremitting efforts, ensure manufacturing system and quality guarantee system of hascontributed. From the target to aim, until the offices of specific policy, we pay attention to every would influence our product image details, want to customers think, to provide the most excellent service. To provide sustainable and efficient, quick service; Loyalty to customer service consciousness as the foundation, to the client showed good we image; With high quality service team to provide customers with best service; Set up is a center with the user work style; Set up perfect service network, provide specialization and standardization, diversified services; With first-    class pre-sale and after-sale service level to meet the demand of customers.


    Contact: xiao kui WU

    Phone: 13905503746

    Tel: 0550-5683885

    Email: kxjxkj@126.com

    Add: Weier road 79 ,Economic development zone, Laian,Chuzhou,Anhui ,China.

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