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    Welcome: Chuzhou kexin Machinery Technology Co., LTD
    Language: Chinese ∷  English

    competitive edge

        So formal professional non-standard equipment and mold and chartered plane maker, has been in the industry enjoyed a good reputation and credibility.
        So good professional technology professional team: sufficient human resources.
    The company has professional technology personnel account for 40% (including: senior engineer one), or 60%, engineers and technicians in enterprise or industry work for many years, and they are familiar with the enterprise condition, master the skills of knowledge industry advanced, rich work experience.
        So the maximum satisfy customer demand
        1. In the progress of the projects for the customer project set up files, organize regular customer satisfaction survey, to the customer feedback high attention.
        2. If the customer in the project schedule of objection, the company will be timely solution, and to the written report.
        3. Began in the customer needs, finally customer satisfaction.
    So the company well-known companies at home and abroad with a direct or indirect contact with cooperation
    Successfully and LG, samsung electronics, panasonic, Japanese star at motor, midea group, the stars group, ningbo Korea electric appliances Co., LTD, ningbo all love electric appliance Co., LTD and hisense group, zhejiang "hundred million group, debao appliances, JinShuai electric appliances, electric appliances, China, general, group, and other famous enterprises both at home and abroad form long-term cooperative relationship.


    Contact: xiao kui WU

    Phone: 13905503746

    Tel: 0550-5683885

    Email: kxjxkj@126.com

    Add: Weier road 79 ,Economic development zone, Laian,Chuzhou,Anhui ,China.

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